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Frozen Slushie Glitter Stacker is literally so mouth watering, super gorgeous frozen drink color scheme, literally so good, you will crave a look with these numerous colors! Stacker ranges from yellows to greens to blues to purples and finally pinks! Why glitter shaped flakes? Glitter has been known to make you looks have that extra pop, well our frozen slushie glitter shaped flakes just completes that extra mile🥤😋 Serving you in a high quality stacker, very light weight, perfect for traveling! Our slushie stacker includes 16 glitters😋⭐️ 16 beautiful frozen drink inspired colors! Pick yours up while it’s ice cold🔥

Total Weight: 80g/2.422oz

Application: Glitter primer or glitter glue or a lash adhesive will work perfect as a base to hold you slushie glitter flakes in place! Apply a small amount of adhesive to the area you will apply the glitter, pick up a small amount of glitter with you finger or brush and gently work with a small amount of glitter, small amount of glitter is needed! Our stacker will last you for a lifetime. You are now set to slay💕