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⛽Candy Fuel Lash Bundle🍬

Our Candy Fuel Lash Bundle Includes a total of 10 Synthetic Lashes of your choice! You can choose 10 lashes to fit perfectly in your lash book! Any lashes from our Candy Fuel Synthetic Lash Collection:

🍭 Sweetness

🍭 90's Baby

🍭 Kawaii

🍭 Dreamsicle

🍭 Peachy

🍭 Candy

🍭 Bubbles

🍭 Blossom

🍭 Buttercup

🍭 Juicy

🍭 Mystery

🍭 Dreamy

Why Synthetic Lashes? 💖 They are super light weight and not animal tested, they are #crueltyfree🐇

Synthetic Lashes are reusable up to 20 times of wear due to the technology of our flexible strong and soft band, this creates the band to hold hairs stronger and of course serve that comfortable wear all in one!

The perfect key for longlasting lashes is removing the lash adhesive after every wear! This will prevent the adhesive from staying longer and sticking to the band longer, making it tricky to remove if left on for days without removal. Please remove adhesive with hands or qtip. We do not recommend tweezers to remove any adhesive because when you take off the adhesive from the band using tweezers you can accidentally pull the band and can lead to damaged. We recommend hands or qtip, but if adhesive is too strong please add a couple drops of water to the band, so the process of removing the adhesive is smoother.